Sake meets cheese in January 2021: Two bold brews for the dark days

Walter says: After the super elegant finale of the old year we start the new one with two bold, strong sake to counter the grey, rather dark days of January. First one of my favourites, the Extra-Dry from Harushika. It stems from Nara, Japan’s old capital (710-784), famous for its numerous ancient temples and wooden shrines – but also for the tame wild deer roaming the city and searching visitors’ pockets for victuals.

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Sake meets cheese in November 2020: Two Autumn Sake, Hiyaoroshi.

Walter says: Last time we presented a summer sake – even if we were a bit late due to the pandemic. This time we’re pouring two seasonal sake. Some basics: there are three, sometimes four different seasonal sake, and the last one in the year’s cycle, for autumn, is Hiyaoroshi. It undergoes just one quick pasteurisation after the brewing in spring, allowing for an expressive liveliness. At the same time it’s also left to mature until fall, making it more gentle and fuller in taste – both in combination pairs well with autumnal cooking and mood.

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Sake meets cheese October 2020: Two bottles from Tsukasa Botan

This is a new monthly series. You can subscribe to it here, and here is how it all began… enjoy!

Walter says: Our project starts with  Tsukasa Botan, a brewery founded in 1603 on Shikoku. Shikoku, Japan’s fourth largest main island, is not exactly known for sake, and there are not many breweries there, but the many fishermen are known for their high per capita consumption. This comes pretty close to our own motto: A sake is good if we want to empty the bottle! Tsukasa Botan simply inspires us. These sakes can appear robust and energetic, but they are never clumsy or dull, simply always “honest”.

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Sake meets Cheese!

Heinzel Cheese talk

It all began last summer in Berlin: Walter Britz, a recognized authority on Japanese food and culture, comes to a party with three half-full bottles of summer sake. Ursula Heinzelmann, sommelière and cheese freak (her brand name is Heinzelcheese), is irritated at first – wine leftovers, what a miser! – and then totally enthusiastic about these unpasteurised Sakes. Cheese will go so well with it… Read More