Walter says: For February we chose two Junmaishu which are quite acidity-driven, though with Sake that still tastes rather mild compared to white wine, a fact that’s convinced many who were looking for something more elegant than beer to have with their meal.

You’ll recall that we introduced you to the Gokyo brewery’s Kimoto last month. As for that rather bold sake they work exclusively with regionally produced rice for the Junmaishu. Round acidity is balanced by a very fine umami note, which makes for a very “clear” finish – something that is much appreciated and highly rated amongst sake connoisseurs. And due to the soft water Gokyo uses the mouthfeel is delicate. A prototype of a Junmaishu (for which rice is polished less than for the Ginjos) with a very distinctive character. Personally it is especially this diversity of all the different Junmaishu that makes Sake exciting for me. Enjoy chilled, but also warm to a wide range of dishes.